Check your Heart Health

Heart health, often called Cardiovascular Disease, affects millions of people in the UK

You can do PocDoc's Healthy Heart Check at home in under 10 minutes. Using our lateral flow test and your smart phone, you can get an NHS-equivalent cardiovascular screening without the hassle of visiting your GP.


Test from the comfort of your own home


Only a finger prick of blood needed


Get your results in under 10 minutes

Easy to understand

Our 6 panel cholesterol test includes comparison to NHS guidelines


In use with NHS partners for CVD screening

Know your risk

See your heart age alongside your cholesterol results

How it works
Your results in 4 steps

All you need to do is:

  1. Collect a small finger prick of blood
  2. Apply the blood to the PocDoc lateral flow test
  3. Follow the steps in the app - our AI will analyse your lateral flow test
  4. Review the results shown in the app
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