How it works
Before you start
  • You will need to download and open the PocDoc App onto your smartphone, from either the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store.
  • To ensure good blood flow, make sure you are well hydrated. We recommend drinking at least 500ml of water 30 minutes before taking your test.
Step 1 - Open the kit
  • Watch the video
  • Open the Cholesterol Test kit and place the kit parts on a flat surface in front of you
  • Check the kit is complete
  • Open the Lateral Flow Device pouch and place it on the flat surface in front of you
Step 2 - Wipe your finger
  • Watch the video
  • Choose a finger on your non-dominant hand that you want to use
  • Open the alcohol wipe packet and wipe the tip of the finger you have chosen

Step 3 - Use the lancet
  • Watch the video
  • Open the gauze ready for use
  • Press the lancet firmly into the tip of your chosen finger
  • Wipe away the first droplet of blood with the gauze

Step 4 - Collect your blood
  • Watch the video
  • Squeeze your finger to create a large blood droplet
  • Touch the capillary pipette to the droplet to collect the blood
  • DO NOT squeeze the bulb end of the capillary pipette - the blood will be drawn up automatically
  • Repeat these steps until your blood sample reaches the black line on the pipette

Step 5 - Put blood on the test
  • Watch the video
  • Leaving a small gap, position the end of the capillary pipette over the PocDoc test deposit area. DO NOT press the end of the capillary pipette on the deposit area
  • Gently squeeze the capillary pipette bulb until all the blood sample is on the deposit area
  • With the bulb still squeezed, lift the capillary pipette fron the blood on the deposit area
  • Press the Start Timer button