Launch a Healthy Heart Check Service Today

80% of people tested so far have never had a cholesterol test before.

Using PocDoc's lateral flow test and mobile app, you can offer a cardiovascular screening to your customers in under 10 minutes.


Only a finger prick of blood needed


Get results in under 10 minutes

Easy to understand

Our 6 panel cholesterol test includes comparison to NHS guidelines and QRISK score


In use with NHS partners for CVD screening

e-Learning & Marketing Hub

Access to online PocDoc training course with digital marketing materials included


In-store service in high demand

How it works
Your results in 4 steps

All you need to do is:

  1. Collect a small finger prick of blood
  2. Apply the blood to the PocDoc lateral flow test
  3. Follow the steps in the app - our AI will analyse your lateral flow test
  4. Review the results shown in the app
Order PocDoc Lipid Tests
PocDoc Lipid Tests
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Prices exclude VAT.
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